How is this preschool program different from others?
Of course, your child will learn the alphabet, numbers, and how to count like they would with any other preschool program.

  • Not only will your child learn abc and 123, but your child will be immersed in a wealth of experiences and opportunities designed to spark curiosity and ignite a love of learning and exploration.
  • Other programs simply work on teaching children rote memorization skills, without focusing on critical thinking skills.
  • In other preschool programs, much of the learning time revolves around children sitting in desks, without given the freedom to move around the room.
  • Many other programs teach all teach all lessons as a large group – everyone learns the same lesson at the same time regardless of whether it is too easy or too difficult for your child to grasp at that moment. In Montessori, children work on materials independently or in small groups, with the teacher helping to direct the students to the appropriate lesson.


Why Montessori?

A major advantage of the Montessori approach is the focus on developing the whole child.  Your child will need many skills to successfully navigate through life. The Montessori curriculum is truly a renaissance approach to learning.  Your child will develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime.


What will my child learn?

Your child will take part in science experiments, learn about history, geography, take piano lessons weekly, work on developing independence and self-control, and practice valuable grace and courtesy lessons that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Your three year old might read YOU a book, and your four year old may teach you something new about our universe, your five year old could research a topic that interests them and bring home an essay for you. And the most beautiful component of all of these wonderful achievements is the ** PRIDE ** that is evident in the children’s faces and voices when they say:

“look what I just did!”