You are considering one of the most influential decisions you will ever make for your child. How do you know which early childhood experience is the right one for your family? Can any single educational experience be so different from the rest?

 Consider this…schools should inspire and children should be invigorated. True, authentic learning is a constructive process. It requires activity and movement, exploration, room for curisosity, opportunities for students to teach one another, space and permission for mistakes and failures. And it must involve joy. Learning should involve a true passion for knowledge and a limitless curiosity.

An experience like that is awaiting your child right now. Come visit our school and observe our classrooms. Imagine your children nurtured to their fullest potential.

Small World Montessori is deliberately small and individually focused. Using proven Montessori methods, we cultivate independent, curious, lifetime learners as we inspire excellence and build community. In response to the requests and support of our committed families, the kindergarten program was added. We also provide before and after school, and summer programs for our students.