What are they saying?

“Credit where credit is due. I got the OSMO game for Tucker. He was acing the math game within minutes, eventually up to 25. I asked him where he learned to add and subtract? Montessori. Yes. At Montessori.”
–  From Roxana Brueseke

IMG_0922Here is Roxana’s grandson setting out the “golden beads” from one unit to nine thousand!

“Love this place! Best thing that’s happened to Owensville! My son wants to go even on the weekends! Couldn’t ask for a better place or better people! Thanks Miss Julie!!!”
– From our friend Courtney (posted on Facebook)


Here is Courtney’s son exploring the “b” basket

“Haley Jo loves it! You guys are amazing! She is so happy and gets up every morning to “go to school” like her older siblings!”
– Melissa Bruckerhoff (written as a Facebook review)

 IMG_1390Here is Melissa’s daughter joining in the circle time in her classroom