Areas of the Classroom

Inside any Montessori Classroom, there are certain learning materials that are always present for the children to engage with. We call these materials “work” because the child’s work is to explore his environment. Through this exploration, he will develop knowledge about himself and the world around him.


The four main areas of the Montessori Classroom are Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, and Language. Each area occupies a different section of the room.

Practical Life

Life Skills, Care of the Self and Others, Care of the Environment, Social Interaction, Grace & Courtesy


Exploration of color, shape, dimension, weight, touch, sound, taste, and smell


The use of manipulative objects to understand quantity and numeration


These friends have just completed the “Bird’s Eye View Layout” of the beloved Golden Beads. After laying out the quantities of units, tens, hundreds, and thousands the children will begin adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing 4 digit numbers. When the children can do math operations with manipulative such as these, everything makes so much more sense and the concepts are easier to grasp. The timeless golden beads created by Montessori over a century ago have found their way into contemporary mainstream education by the name of “Base Ten blocks.”


Development of writing and reading skills


The moveable alphabet is used once a child know their letter sounds. This friend looks proud of all the words she has built!


Other topics included in the Montessori Classroom are as follows: