Want your children to stop interrupting you? Try this….

We want to help children learn grace and courtesy skills that they can use everyday. This allows them to interact with adults respectfully and confidently and allows adults to always show children the respect they deserve.

To follow is one simple grace and courtesy lesson that you can teach your child that will accomplish these goals.

It can be difficult finish a conversation or task when your kids are talking to you or screaming for your attention. Both parents and teachers have to deal with the issue of kids needing and wanting attention at times when it just can’t be given. But children can easily learn polite ways to get your attention without interrupting your conversations or tasks. And you will be showing respect for kids’ needs and feelings at the same time.

Here are the simple steps you can follow to teach your child how to get your attention. It may take a couple of week where you need to remind your child of what to do, but with your consistency, your child will learn this skill.

Explain to your child that when he or she needs your attention, they may place a hand on your shoulder or arm.

Whenever your child does this,  respectfully acknowledge your child by gently touching the child’s hand as soon as possible.

Whenever your conversation or task allows, turn to your child with a smile and thank them for being so polite. Then ask them what they need and how you can help them.  Then your child tells you their story or asks their question. Easy peasy!

It’s a win-win! The adult finishes conversations and tasks in peace while the child is acknowledged and respected. Also, the child builds self confidence that could not come from impatient interruption and constant shushing from the parent.


2 thoughts on “Want your children to stop interrupting you? Try this….

    1. Thank you, yes! This is something we teach the students as well. It’s a wonderful practice that acknowledges the child wants to speak.

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