Teaching Kids About Germs

It’s flu season, and the public school is reporting several kids out with confirmed cases of influenza.  Many businesses are seeing employees calling in with the same.  This is on top of the “normal” head colds and respiratory infections that always circulate this time of year.  This is a great time to teach kids about germs and how they spread.

How are Germs Spread Activity

One fun way to teach kids about how germs spread is with glitter.  Have them wet their hands, either with water or hand sanitizer.  While their hands are still wet, give them glitter and have them rub it like lotion on their hands.  Encourage them to act normally for a while–playing with friends, grabbing supplies, etc. After about ten minutes, call them back and  have them study how much glitter has spread through the room and to each other.  Explain this is how germs spread, especially when we don’t wash our hands well.

To wash hands, a good rule for kids is to sing “Happy Birthday” or the “ABC’s”(twice) while they wash under warm water with soap.

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