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Holiday Memory Book

It’s no secret the holidays are a whirlwind of fun for kids of all ages. Looking for something to do in between Christmas and New Year? Save that wrapping paper! Have the kids glue wrapping paper to a spiral notebook or a notepad for a cover.  They can decorate with stickers, ribbons or draw pictures.  Inside they can journal by picture, words, or both, about their holidays.  This will help give them an outlet for all the fun they had, as well as preserve the memories as only children can.

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Boxing Day

Boxing Day, also known as St. Stephen’s Day, is usually celebrated on the day after Christmas, the 26th of December, in the United Kingdom and other countries with British roots. Although its origin is unclear, a popular theory is that it stems from the medieval practice of churches opening their collection boxes for the poor on this day, and so charity is an important theme to this holiday. This is a great time to teach children to focus on others, especially after they enjoyed receiving gifts so much the day before.

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Some ways children can reach out to others, no matter their age are:

-Plant individual flowering plants in pots. Deliver them to a long-term care facility for senior adults

-Drawing pictures or cards for shut ins in the community

-Go through old but still quality toys and donate them

-Pick up trash at the park or around their block

-Do a chore for a family member

Pricked Gift Tags

This activity is relatively simple for the kids to make, but they’re sure to have fun! Use a cookie cutter to trace a shape on a piece of paper. Have your child then prick the lines out with a tack or a pricking stick.  This slightly “fuzzy” effect is especially perfect for snowmen and trees.  Tie a string through the top and fix it to your gift!

Christmas Card Puzzles

Everyone loves  Christmas cards, especially kids (and more especially the glittery ones).  This takes those beautiful cards and makes a fun puzzle for the kids to create.  All you do is lay the card across some jumbo popsicle sticks and cut the appropriate spots so the strips of card are in line with the sticks.  Then glue/tape/modpodge the pieces to the sticks.  Once they’re dry, the kids can rebuild the cards again and again.

Winter Solstice

Today is the shortest day of the year! The negative is it will be dark really early, but the positive is every day will be a little longer now! One of the traditions worldwide for this day is for kids to make lanterns.  This craft is super easy and a whole lot of fun.

Paper Cup Luminaries with Flameless Tea lights for Kids Winter Solstice Activity

What You Need:

Paper Cups or Plastic Cups  or a paper towel roll

Pretty Scrapbook Paper

Hole Punch

Flameless Tea Lights {battery operated}

Wrap the cup in pretty paper and either glue or tape the paper to the cup.  Punch decorative holes in the cup.  If your child will want to carry the lantern, you might want to punch two holes for a string to go through for carrying.  Set in the flameless tealight and enjoy the pretty glow!

Find The Reindeer Game

Are your kids going stir crazy with the Holiday fun and nowhere to run? Try this fun game that can be played inside or out.

Find Santa’s Reindeer Scavenger Hunt Game Prep
1. You’ll need to buy 8 reindeer or print out 8 reindeer images, one more if you want to include Rudolph.

2. You will need to hide the reindeer prior to the game beginning. Hiding places should range from easy to difficult to find. It helps to have different rooms to hide them in and indoor & outdoor locations. Record where you have placed all of the reindeer. Ideas – Tree, Light Fixtures, Behind Firewood, Under a Table, Mixed in with Presents

3. Create a sheet where kids will write down the location of the reindeer. Or have them take pictures of themselves with the reindeer in the location.  If you have little kids, they might do well teamed up with older kids to help with this.

Share the background story – Santa’s Reindeer had a big party last night, the eve before Christmas Eve, and now Santa doesn’t know where they are and he needs your help to find his reindeer!  Tell them the area the reindeer may be hiding, where they WON’T be hiding, how long they have and what they look like.  This is particularly fun if you have a wide area to go and can have several teams.

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Salt Dough Ornaments

"This salt dough ornament recipe is as easy as 1-2-3! Plus, after all the fun is over you have a sweet keepsake for your tree. And possibly a gift for the grandparents, too.

This is a fun activity for kids of all ages!  For the littlest among us, you can make handprint ornaments.  For the older kids, they can make “cookies” for the tree.  To make the dough, mix 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of salt and approx. 1/2 a cup of warm water until a dough is formed.  You can add some food coloring to make the dough fun colors or you can paint it once it’s dried.  Roll the dough out and cut shapes.  Make sure you put a dowel or straw through a portion if you intend to use this as an ornament.  Bake for 2 hours on 250* or let set for a couple days until it is completely dry.  Let the kids paint them and decorate to their heart’s content.  If you want to keep them for future years’ use, you’ll want to varnish them and store in a plastic bag.

Christmas cookie letters

Who doesn’t love incorporating foods into learning? With this activity, you can use small cookies, like vanilla wafers and the like. Ice them with letters to make messages. If you use a squirt bottle or tooth picks, the kiddos can even make their own letters. This is an activity they’re sure to enjoy creating and eating! Fun tip:  If your child is younger, and working on letter recognition, make the letters for them and write them on a piece of paper for them to match the cookie to the letter.