Monthly Archives: July 2017

Alphabet Find Scavenger Hunt

When the weather just doesn’t allow for long times outside (either from heat or cold), this is a fun activity for inside. Sticky notes or paper and painter’s tape is all you need to get started on this one. Write the alphabet on some paper and hide it around the house. Let the kids go crazy on the scavenger hunt. You can even do words to a song for older kids, pictures for the littlest kids, or numbers for everyone. No matter how you choose to do this activity, it’s sure to be fun!

Sticker Lines and Pinterest

Did you know we have a Pinterest page? Our username is smallworldmontessorischool, and that’s where we post everything Montessori. It’s also where you can find ideas by subject, already sorted. 

Now on to the sticker lines. had a fun idea for teaching about lines. Draw a line on some poster board and let your toddler use garage sale stickers to trace it. They get to use fine motor skills, tracing, and even color sorting, all in one activity.

Bead counting

We love using beads as a teaching tool for counting. The kids get the benefit of visual and physical representation of a number group, and the options of number combinations are not endless, but pretty close.  If you have a bucket of beads laying around (noodles, Cheerios, etc work well too), and a couple pipe cleaners, you’re already prepared to create this teaching tool at home. Just put the number grouping the child will work with on the pipe cleaner, and give them some problems to work. You can even do several groups of fives and tens to teach number groupings. All for pennies and minimal effort! 

Pompom drop activity

This is a DIY activity that takes almost zero effort and will have kids waiting in line for their turn. But for the quick and affordable nature of this craft, you can set up one for all of them! Just tape (painter’s tape is perfect for walls) or use tacky putty to fix a toilet paper or paper towel roll to the wall and let the children drop pompoms or cotton balls or even rolled up paper through the hole. 

Green beans

Summer is upon us, and with that, an amazing growing season. This summer has featured some particularly hot days already, making gardens go crazy. Snap peas are a great example of the items a garden produces. They are ready for small hands to snap and work with. The children can open them up and count the peas, or leave them be and learn the different textures, count the bumps, or compare sizes. Green beans are a delicious offering, and a while ago, some were brought to our kiddos. Snapping the beans is a wonderful practical life skill that the two to give year old age group can practice. They enjoy helping, they get to feel the different textures, and they can compare shapes and sizes as they go. Blackberries are particularly fun, especially if you have the thorn free varieties. Even if you don’t, they are easy to pick and the kids love eating them, counting them, and having contests to see who can pick the most.