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Snack Time

Most kids are drawn to the kitchen. It’s where the “magic” happens and food becomes meals and snacks.  This is a fun way to help your kids work on fine motor skills, practical life skills, and have fun with minimal fuss.  You can use tooth picks or kabob skewers and add fruit, cheese cubes, fruit snacks, or any other snack item. The children can make their own and keep them in the refrigerator for quick grab snacks for the day or week.  The options are endless and the fun is plentiful!

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Chalk Paint

Chalk paint is all the rage with vintage lovers, but this is a different type of chalk paint. This is sidewalk chalk paint–for kids!  All you need is equal parts corn starch and water and food coloring in the shades you want. Mix the ingredients together and go! Having tested this recipe, brighter is better for the food coloring, especially the neon colors.

  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup cornstarch
  • 3 plastic cups or bowls
  • Food coloring in 3 hues
  • Paintbrushes

1. Mix water and cornstarch together until smooth.
2. Divide mixture equally among plastic cups or bowls. Add food coloring, a different hue to each container.

Fun Tip: Try the Pendulum Painting activity with the chalk paint on the driveway or sidewalk.


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Lemon Volcano

This is a fun activity to do with the kids. It does require some adult prep, but the effort is minimal. Lemon volcanoes, combining smell, science and fun all in one lesson. The instructions are below, and more detailed information and fun tips are on the website.


  • Step One (Adults only) Prep your lemon by slicing the bottom off to make them sit flat. Flip the lemon over and slice out the core. If you are making an open faced volcano, slice the lemon in half.
  • Step Two Prepare extra lemon juice by slicing a second lemon in half and juicing it. Pour juice into a cup and set aside.
  • Step Three Place your cored lemon on a tray. Use your craft stick to mush the center of the lemon and bring out the juices. Be sure to keep the juice in the lemon!
  • Step Four Place a few drops of food coloring or liquid watercolors (do not dilute) in the center of the lemon.
  • Step Five Add in a good squeeze of dish soap to the lemon. This is not necessary but causes the bubbles to ooze and froth more and longer.
  • Step Six Add a spoonful of baking soda into the lemon. It should start to fizz. Take your craft stick and stir the lemon and lemon juice. It should start foaming really well as you stir it!
  • Step Seven To keep the reaction going alternatively add more baking soda, coloring, dish soap and the reserved lemon juice to the reaction. Squeezing the lemon to release the juices also enhances the reaction. Or if you are like my kids, just stick your whole hand in there and give it a good squeeze.

Science Activity for Kids: Lemon Volcano

Practical Living in the Kitchen

Who doesn’t love to play with their food? This is a great link to a step by step process of an introductory practical life skill you can do at home with what you have on hand. Notice the word “optional” for many of the supplies.

Recipe from Cairo, Egypt

Our first Egyptian recipe from our friends in Cairo

Belilla (Egyptian Cereal) Recipe



1 cup hulled wheat
Half cup sugar
2-3 cups water
Cinnamon or Vanilla essence

Wash the hulled wheat with some running clear water.
Put in a pot with enough water.
Leave to boil until it becomes soft and easily chewed…
Add the sugar and boil for five minutes.
You may add more water if needed.
When it is well done remove from stove and serve in bowl.
Add room temperature milk with cinnamon powder for flavour or vanilla.

This can be served either warm or cold.

this is an old Egyptian winter breakfast meal, very nutritious.
However it can be left to cool then add cold milk.