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Police Day

Today we were so fortunate to visit with Scott Eiler, a police officer, and Morgan Aytes, a 911 dispatcher.  They discussed general safety, recognizing police as friends, and how to call 911.  Each discussion time finished with the kids touring the police vehicle. They had a wonderful time, and even got some treats!

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Fire Safety

Today we were very fortunate to have two firemen come to the school with the truck to teach our kids about fire safety.  They got to see how “normal men” gear up in what can sometimes be scary fire gear.

After learning how the gear works and seeing how firemen move through a house, the kids got to tour the fire truck and even sit in the seats. They were very excited, and they don’t think Firemen are scary anymore.



Pendulum Art

This is almost too much fun.  Pendulum Art….combining the science of motion and gravity with the art of painting. The set up is easy, string some twine or yarn through a styrofoam cup, fix the string to a broom suspended between two chairs, lay paper on the ground, poke a small hole through the cup bottom an pour in some paint.  Let your child move the cup and learn how pendulums work and make some pretty neat art.  The more detailed instructions can be found at

Happy Painting!

Exploration Sets

In almost all our classrooms you can find exploration sets or bead counting trays. They are pretty little wooden trays that make grabbing small objects, classifying and counting them much easier and structured for little hands.  If you are looking for a fun way to do this at home, you need look no further than your refrigerator. has a couple different fun ideas for how to do this and different activities, and you can see a sampling of one below.  If you would like more tips on how to set these up on a budget, follow the link!

Eclipse Corona Predictions

NASA Has some really neat activities for all ages to introduce the eclipse. With it coming up in just a few days, here is a great little activity for younger kids:  Predict what the corona will look like.  Long before photography capabilities were in everyone’s pocket, and before astronomers had solar telescopes, an eclipse was the only way they could truly study the sun. They would often draw what they saw at the corona of the eclipse.  This fun activity is a nod to that time, and great for young explorers.


Materials: (you provide)
• Paper, dark blue or black. Smooth cardstock paper works best
(not construction paper).
• White, non-toxic chalk
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Masking tape
• Circle templates cut from cardstock, file folders or cereal boxes
• OPTIONAL: Brightly colored construction paper or foam sheets for
cut-out horizon detail.
To Do:
• Make circle templates on stiff paper. Trace around the masking tape roll
with a pencil, and cut out the template. Make several for group activities.
• Place the template on a piece of dark paper. Secure with a loop of
masking tape or simply hold down with one hand.
• Draw a thick circle of chalk around the template.
Go around 2 or 3 times. It does not need to be neat.
• Holding the template in place, smudge the chalk away from the
center of the circle using a finger to create the corona of the sun.
• When you are done smudging, remove the circle template.
• Add words, pictures, or fun designs.
• You’ve made total solar eclipse art!

Practical Living in the Kitchen

Who doesn’t love to play with their food? This is a great link to a step by step process of an introductory practical life skill you can do at home with what you have on hand. Notice the word “optional” for many of the supplies.

Recipe from Cairo, Egypt

Our first Egyptian recipe from our friends in Cairo

Belilla (Egyptian Cereal) Recipe



1 cup hulled wheat
Half cup sugar
2-3 cups water
Cinnamon or Vanilla essence

Wash the hulled wheat with some running clear water.
Put in a pot with enough water.
Leave to boil until it becomes soft and easily chewed…
Add the sugar and boil for five minutes.
You may add more water if needed.
When it is well done remove from stove and serve in bowl.
Add room temperature milk with cinnamon powder for flavour or vanilla.

This can be served either warm or cold.

this is an old Egyptian winter breakfast meal, very nutritious.
However it can be left to cool then add cold milk.