Welcome to Small World Montessori

Small World Montessori is a private school located in Owensville, Missouri.

Small World Montessori School (SWMS) currently serves families with preschool and kindergarten age children. After a thorough evaluation of the program, curriculum, policies, and credentials, SWMS has earned recognition as a private school from the state of Missouri. Our families can be proud of this distinction.

SWMS is deliberately small, focusing on quality over quantity; more concerned with the quality of education offered rather than the quantity of students enrolled.

SWMS is searching for families who value education and consider their children’s development a priority. SWMS is looking for parents who can work with teachers as a team to provide a consistent approach to whole-child development.If this sounds like your family, please contact us today. We have limited spaces available.

Our Blog

Emily Geisert
May 14, 2018

Reusable Water “Balloons”

Water balloons are fun, but they require planning, time, and a lot more care than is worth the two seconds of fun.  Why not go reusable?  This fun link has the step by step instructions to a DIY water bomb. Just cut your sponge in to strips, tie them off and...

Emily Geisert
May 12, 2018

Resist Art

An Activity for Preschoolers: Make stunning resist creations using simple materials.  Before You Begin: This activity is so simple, only a few supplies are needed. Make sure you have plenty of color choices for crayons and watercolors. Pre-fill paint cups and lay out brushes and paper.  Activity Goals: Explore...

Emily Geisert
May 11, 2018

Liquid Water Color Flowers

  An Activity for Preschoolers: Celebrate spring while learning about plant science!  Before You Begin: Prepare a space to store your flowers overnight, and gather the following materials: clear plastic cups, rubber bands, Liquid Watercolor™ and fresh white flowers.  Activity Goals: To illustrate how flower stems absorb nutrients by...